I have been thinking about what to do with this ol’ blog of mine for a long time.  I have so enjoyed having this little space and hearing from you lovely readers.  And by lovely readers I mean the two of you faithful folks who may still be hanging around.

This blog hasn’t been updated regularly in a long time – I think I really slowed down when I first got morning sickness with Ruby?  And those kinds of blogs are never fun to follow.  Ha!

Honestly, I think it is time to give blogging a break.  I’ve been thinking about stopping for a while, and every time a part of me is all NOOOOOOO!  And I think of all these things I want to write about.  And then I get distracted by chocolate or a crying baby.  And I never write.

See, I had all these visions and expectations in my head.  I just knew that when I became a parent, my blog would become even more important to me.  I thought that I would want to use it as a way to remember everything that’s happening, or a way to possibly whine about my new lack of sleep.  (Oh, but that’s what Facebook is for, right?)

Instead, being a parent has consumed me.  In such a good, wonderful, beautiful way.  What I thought would be so important has kind of faded in the background.  And other things have become higher priorities.  Like, why write about the new art I made for Roo’s nursery when I could just sit and kiss the soft spot under her chunky cheeks?

the chunky cheeks in question

the chunky cheeks in question

I really hope to come back to blogging someday.  But I want to be able to give it my best, and not just a random post every now and then.  And Ruby won’t have these chunky cheeks forever.  So, see you in a couple years or so?  Ha!  I kid.

If any of you would like to stay connected, I’m always on Instagram at whitneygothra.  Seriously, I’m ALWAYS on.  I’m surprised no one has reported me for posting too many baby pictures.

And to all of you lovely readers who took time out of your day to read my rambling thoughts, thank you.  If I could, I would scoot the baby toys over and have all of you come hang out at my house for some coffee, cake, and hugs.  Your comments and e-mails over the past few years have been such a blessing to me.  I hope to “see” you again soon!


4-monthsMy sweet baby is one third of a year old, and I just don’t know if I can go on.  Ha!  But seriously, why does birthing a tiny human automatically make all clocks spin so much faster?

I’m super behind on posting this update, but at least it’s posted before she’s five months? At 4 months, Ruby is 13 lbs 2.5 oz and 24 inches tall.  One of the biggest moments of this month is that she was dedicated to the Lord!  She’s wearing her dedication dress in her four month picture.  She is our bundle of joy with such a sweet little personality.


She loves mornings (unlike her Mommy) and rewards the first person into her room with the biggest of smiles that makes her whole body shake.  She has also started laughing so much more.  So far Daddy can get the biggest giggles, but that hasn’t kept me from trying.


Ruby has become a pro at rolling over. No play mat is big enough to contain her!  With all of the rolling, we have started transitioning her out of her swaddle.  Sad days!  She loves her swaddle.  We all love her swaddle.

4-month-Roo-5She is still the ultimate cuddle bunny, and my favorite development by far of month four is her ability to give kisses!  She will grab your face, open her mouth, and just attack you.  I mean, if that moment right there isn’t heaven then I don’t know what is.


4-month-Roo-3Sadly, we had our first medical scare this month.  She rolled off a church pew and fell onto the floor.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life!  We rushed her to the Urgent Care to be checked out, and she just hammed it up and giggled once we got there.  The doctor said that it would be her first bump of many, but that won’t be the case if I have my way.  I’m never setting her down again.  Hashtag over protective mom.  Hashtag bubble suit.  Ha!

4-month-Roo-2She clearly adores us.

I feel like life just gets better and better with Roo.  At four months, life has kind of gotten into an easier rhythm.  I know each stage brings new challenges, but this one is pretty perfect.  God must design babies to grow in adorableness.

We love you more than you’ll ever know, RooBunny.






So, Roo turned three months a few weeks ago.  I’ve had her picture all ready to go but haven’t been able to sit down and blog it because of her cuteness.  I mean, once I get the essentials done at work and the house (who am I kidding – I don’t even get those done!) I just want to sit and kiss her cheeks off.  Three month Roo is extra delicious.


At three months Roo weighs 12 lbs and .5 oz and is 23 inches tall.  She has recently outgrown her size 3 month jammies and it never ceases to break my heart.  I kind of pretended she wasn’t growing up until one night I noticed that she kept her toes curled inside her footie jammies because she didn’t have room to stretch them out.  Mom of the year over here.

Three-Months-of-Roo-3This month Ruby found her feet and hasn’t let go since.  It still catches me off guard when I look over and she’s got her toes in her mouth.  Babies are weird.  Ha!  When she first found her feet she would stare at them as she kicked as if they were the most fascinating things in the world.  Now she stares at her hands as she turns them around in the air.  And I know all this because all I do is stare at her.

Three-Months-of-Roo-1Bath time still isn’t her favorite.  Neither is napping anywhere other than in someone’s arms.  She has kind of started playing with toys, and her squeaky giraffe “Raffy” is her favorite.  Or it’s her Mommy’s favorite.  At this point it’s hard to distinguish the two.  Ha!  She adores her bouncy seat and the butterfly mobile on her play mat.  And her favorite song is “Risen” by Israel Houghton.

Three-Months-of-Roo-6And the biggest development?  She’s a roller!  Taking this month’s pictures was a fun task as I had to keep rolling her back over!  She rolled over once and then unsuccessfully tried to do it again for a couple weeks.  Then she figured it out again one afternoon and was a pro by the next day.  Now she flips over as soon as you lay her down!  Then she goes crazy when she realizes that she’s stuck on her belly.  I can already tell I’m going to miss the days when I had to sit beside her and keep rolling her back onto her back.

Three-Months-of-RooI can’t believe I get to be this little girl’s Mommy.  She has the sweetest little spirit.  She loves to stare at people and then break into the biggest of smiles that light her whole face up.  She loves to be talked to and is ticklish on her belly and toes.  She is the cuddliest little bunny that wakes up every morning with a smile.

Ruby, your Daddy and I spend our days in awe of you.  We delight in watching you learn new skills.  We live to hear your sweet, deep giggle.  We miss you when you’re in bed and sometimes walk in your room (quietly!) to stare at you.  You filled this space in our hearts and home that we didn’t even know was Roo-sized.

You’re a dream come true, Ruby Ellison.






Ruby Ellison, let me tell you about your name.

Your Daddy and I spent hours scrolling name websites and making name lists and tossing names to and fro.  We tried to picture you in our minds and decide if you were an Elise or a Reagan or any of the other names that ran through our minds.  But all along I knew.  I knew you were my Ruby.  Before you were even formed I could picture my little Ruby.

I haven’t even told your Daddy this (hi, Timothy! ha!), but Ruby was the only name my heart really ever considered.  But I kept it quiet.  At least I tried! I never wanted to make your Daddy feel pressured or try to get him to agree on a name that he didn’t love.  So we talked about all names.  And Roo, I tried my best to keep an open mind.  But you have always been my Ruby.

Then one day our name talks reached an all-time high.  We were in our office at the church kind of bouncing between two names.  We decided to ask  family their opinions on the names that night.  Then your Daddy turned to me and passionately said, “I just can’t imagine her being anything else but Ruby!”  And I cried.  Of course.

It was you!  It was right.  You were my Ruby.  Our Ruby.  Our sweet little jewel.  I knew it fit you without even seeing your face.

I think your name is delicate, ladylike, fun, and vibrant.  But it isn’t just a lovely name we picked from a name book.  It is the name of our Bibi.  You are named after your great-grandmother.  In your beautiful name is wrapped up all kinds of dreams and prayers and hopes of who you will become.


Let me tell you about your Bibi.  The original Ruby.

She is as good as it gets.  The world sees our Bibi as a lovely, graceful woman of God who loves to come to church and worship the Lord.  But what they don’t see is that our Bibi is the same at church as she is at home.  She never stops being lovely and graceful.  And she is absolutely one of the very best Christians I know.

She is the epitome of a lady.  In every situation, she holds herself with dignity.  And if you have any etiquette question, she has the answer.

Your Bibi has some amazing stories to tell.  She has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows.  Yet through it all, she has maintained an amazing character, an outstanding reputation, and is clothed in humility.  She never speaks ill of anyone.  She never tries to lift herself up or boast in herself. Yet, when I’m around her, all I want to do is boast about how great she is.

She makes me want to be a better person.

And you know what?  You do, too.

It’s a quality you both already share.  And I can’t wait to see what other qualities you two will share.  What aspects of your family members will you inherit?  I pray you will have your Bibi’s grace.  Your Great Grandma Gill’s generosity.  Your Mimi’s elegance.  Your Grandma’s strength.  Your Great Grandma Gothra’s devotion.  Your Nonnie’s wisdom.

Hopes and dreams are wrapped up in your name, beautiful girl.  I can’t wait to see who you become.


Two whole months, Ruby Doo!  I just can’t believe it.

At two months, Ruby weighs 11 pounds and 0.5 ounces and is 22.25 inches tall.  She’s wearing 0-3 months clothes and some 3-6 month clothes.  And her smile!?!?!!  She smiles all the time now.  Sometimes when she gets around a lot of people it’s a bit overwhelming.  But as soon as I get her into a quiet spot where it’s just us, she’ll smile up a storm.  The other morning she woke up, and when I went in to get her she stopped crying and just smiled at me.  I think I’ve been waiting for that moment my whole life.


She’s Mommy’s baby bunny.  We call her Ruby Roo, RooBunny, RooBerry, Ruby Dooby Doo, Rooty Poo, and a billion other names.

Ruby still adores her changing pad, but now she also loves walks in her stroller – the bouncier the better.  In fact, when she starts fussing in the car we just drive over the bumpy part of the road and she stops crying.  It’s magical.  Ha!Two-Months-of-Roo-3

Ruby still makes the most expressive faces.  She makes us laugh daily.

She has become a champion sleep fighter.  I think I said that in her one month post, but I knew nothing then.  She was holding out the big guns for two months.  Ironically enough, when we’re around people she loves to sleep.  People at church say things all the time about how they’ve never seen her eyes open.  It must be the loudness and the thumpy bass.  She doesn’t like naps at home, but once she finally falls asleep at night she’ll sleep eight hours.  It’s glorious.


Ruby really likes her sling.  I wear her during music practice and while grocery shopping, and she just cuddles right in.  She is definitely a cuddle bunny.  Her favorite way to be held is cuddled up like a little baby.  She becomes this small (heavy!) ball of squish.


This month her eyelashes popped out of nowhere.  Her two most commented on features are her gigantic cheeks and her long, curly lashes!  We’re still not sure where they came from.

At two months she is learning new things all the time.  She has started cooing at us.  Her little mouth is the most adorable thing ever when she tries to say something.  She works so hard at it.  She just found her feet and loves to stare at them while she kicks up a storm in her carseat.  She can hold her head up with only a bit of wiggle.  She’s definitely not a newborn any more!  When she was born her left ear had a crease at the top from where she was squished.  This month it has officially evened out and I may have shed a tear or two.


Two-month-old Roo is just the greatest.

Grow, baby bunny, grow!