I was online looking at food blogs when I found it.  The cookie recipe I’ve been waiting for all my life.

Garam masala cookies.  Made from scratch.  So I could use my favorite Indian spice AND my sweet frenemy flour.  I was missing a couple of the other ingredients, so I ran over to my mom’s house and raided her pantry.  Must.Make.Cookies.NOW.

From the time I first saw the recipe, “borrowed” ingredients from my Mom, mixed it all together, baked them, and ate a cookie, less than an hour had passed.  Deliciousness necessitates speed.

Oh mylanta.  These make your house smell like a warm, spicy, delicious Indian dessert hug.  Whatever that is.  And they taste even better.

You can find the recipe at Everybody Likes Sandwiches.  The only modification I made was to substitute nutmeg for cardamom. I also used regular old fashioned artery-clogging butter instead of that vegan stuff.   And if your oven gets really hot, I would cook them for a little less than 10 minutes if you want them a little gooey.

Even my picky 13-year-old brother loved them!  But that was probably only because he thought I called them  “grandma style cookies” instead of garam masala cookies.  Ha!

So go out and try them!  It’s a perfect excuse to try some new Indian spices in a less intimidating way than a full fledged meal.

Do any of you have a go-to cookie recipe?



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  1. kickpleat says:

    Yay! So glad you made them and I love that your brother called them “grandma style”. Awesome :)

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