I definitely couldn’t leave this velvet beauty hanging out on a dusty Goodwill shelf.  And you guys are really good guessers.  There were 5 votes for the pillow, 4 for the quilling piece (which I thought about getting!), 3 for the afghan, and 2 for the sweater.  I’m thankful no one voted for the safari outfit.  I would have been discouraged about myself.

I think it looks pretty cute on our couch.  And keeping it real, I left that speaker in the top left just hanging out like it was.  I’ve married a technology nerd, and for the rest of my life there will be speakers and cords and lights and such just messing with my aesthetic.  But it’s worth it.  He’s a pretty cute nerd.

Our living room is kind of going through a series of pillow confusion.  We have these really sweet Pier One pillows, seen above, which were one of the first purchases we made for our living room.  Then we have two amazing crochet pillows (this owl one and that really cute orange circle one below) made by my sweet mama.  And now we have a 60s esque velvet floral pillow.

Timothy asked me if I was ever going to stop introducing patterns into our living room.  In his words, “I think some solid pillows would help.”   … Ugh.  Dream crusher.

I’m a pattern enthusiast.  Why go solid when you can go striped or spotted or chevron-ed or ikat-ed or hexagon-ed??  I’m just saying.

So I don’t know how long this pillow will stay.  I may use it as a pillow form and sew a new cover.  At $0.95, it’s a steal as a pillow insert.  They cost a whole lot more at the store.

But for now, it’s fitting right into our eclectic living room.  Timothy hasn’t said anything about it since I bought it.  Nothing.  So I’m not sure if he approves or not.  My brother laughed at it when he first saw it.  And my mom’s words when she first saw the pillow: “well, I don’t necessarily hate it.” Ha!  Poor little pillow.  I love you.


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4 Responses to It Was The Pillow!!!

  1. Elaine R says:

    The afghan your mom made you is beautiful! Do you know what pattern she used?

  2. kelly says:

    I don’t remember that pillow as being one of the choices to chose from. lol. but it is a nice pillow.

  3. kelly says:

    I found the pillow never mind. not thinking straight today. I’m sorry.
    I was looking at the wrong pillow.