BECOMING-WHITNEY-_-cable-cowl-2After weeks of searching, I finally settled on a pattern for my perfect squishy birthday yarn from Purl Soho.  Once I finally decided, the knitting was a breeze.  A joy.  Pure bliss.  It made my heart sing.

BECOMING-WHITNEY-_-cable-cowl-3The yarn is Manos del Uruguay’s Maxima in the Oxygen color way.  I’ve never worked with such high quality (and expensive, sheesh!) yarn, and it definitely is all it’s cracked up to be.  I mean, how can I go back to my Vanna’s Choice yarn now?  Ha!

BECOMING-WHITNEY-_-cable-cowl-1I wanted a pattern that would show off the yarn and that would be a lot more enjoyable to knit than my last attempt.  That’s where the genius of Ravelry came in.  I did a search for this yarn and projects that people knit with it, and found this lovely braided, cabled cowl.  It was just begging to be knit!  I have two skeins of the yarn and am going to knit until I run out, so the cowl should end up twice as long as the original pattern.


I think I say this every time I write about knitting, but knitting is my jam.  It’s my favorite.  It’s my true love, and I don’t care who knows it.  Ha!

There’s always a project or twelve lying around the house.  A while back, one of my favorite knitting bloggers wrote about gaining confidence to knit in public.  I’ve never really forgotten that because, if anything, I need to gain confidence to leave my knitting at home.  If I could, I would knit pretty much everywhere.  Anywhere, anytime.  I’ve even asked my pastor if he minded if I knitted during his messages.  Thankfully, my pastor is also my dad and just laughed me off.  Hashtag, Iwasnotevenjoking.

I mean, I have a case for it.  You know how some people doodle notes to help them pay attention?  Knitting helps me pay attention.  It busies my brain just enough that my mind doesn’t wander off and can focus on whatever else is happening, like a movie or a podcast.  I’ve even prayed while knitting.


I feel like this quote will be my new motto.

So, I’d love to know – does anyone else feel this way about knitting?  Or maybe you have your own personal thing that’s your jam?  My friend Rachel is a reading machine.  I think she’s read around 14 books or so this year.  I would say, for me, eating Snickers bars comes in at a close second to my passion for knitting.  Ha!


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9 Responses to The Makings of Cabley Goodness

  1. Teresa says:

    Bailey and I have discussed whether or not Pastor would care if we crocheted/knitted during Tuesday evening Bible Study….lol

  2. Your Favorite Aunt Ever says:

    WHAT????? When exactly was I going to be told about the “no-knitting” policy???

  3. Gillian says:

    First, your cowl is gorgeous! That yarn looks so squooshy and delicious.
    Second, I’m with you on the knit all the time/everywhere thing! I used to ride the bus to campus when I was in grad school, partly to save money on gas but mostly because that meant I had a solid hour of knitting time every single day. I knit in Sunday School and Bible studies and anytime I have a couple minutes’s wait – I don’t quite have the nerve to try to knit during the sermon but I wish I did, because I would totally focus better. I knit during lectures and classes in college all the time. Focuses me much, much better than anything else I’ve tried! (Also, I can read and knit at the same time, so I carry a novel and my knitting with me everywhere. I am never bored!)

    • Whitney says:

      A solid hour of knitting time every day just by taking the bus? Genius! And I wish I had known how to knit during college – I probably would have retained a lot more information! I have to admit, reading your comment makes me think you’re my long lost sister. Ha! Not many people get how knitting can help you focus. My husband always thinks that when I’m knitting I’m not paying attention to whatever show we’re watching. And I have to hand it to you, I’m impressed that you can read and knit at the same time. I’ve tried it, but I just can’t get the hang of it.

      • Gillian says:

        I’m okay with the long lost sister thing! :D I can’t always read and knit – if it’s a complicated pattern obviously I have to look at what I’m doing, and if the book is either really serious or really exciting, I usually have to put the needles down and concentrate! But I learned to knit when I was 6, so as I was telling someone at the theatre yesterday, it’s almost as automatic as talking or breathing by this point!

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh yeah! I’m with you. Knitting is the best. thing. ever. Except for maybe my kids. ;) I love that Manos! I think I’ve knit with the same colour, but in the Fino version. It’s so luscious!

    I found you through the Write 31 Days challenge… I noticed your little button in the sidebar about Knit & Crochet and thought I’d take a look. :) I used to knit in church, too, but then got worried that I was distracting the people around me. It’s too bad, too, because it really did help me concentrate. Maybe I’ll start taking it again. :D

  5. Melissa says:

    I’d love to see a picture of the finished product! It looks divine! Perfect for a crazy cold day like today!!!